Fountain Pen Journey – Part One

This is part one of how I got started with fountain pens. I hope this series, together with the stories of other fountain pen enthusiasts, will encourage you to tell your own story. There will be a separate website for these stories. Details at the end of the post.

Rite of Passage

The school playground was empty but for three kids looking extremely pleased with themselves. They could hardly contain their excitement and started bragging to us as soon as we got close. One of them proudly presented a fountain pen he had clipped to a jacket pocket. He explained this was the first day they were allowed to use a fountain pen.

Neither I nor any of the other kids in my school class had any idea this was something special. Being allowed to use a fountain pen was a big deal to these kids. It made them feel more grown up. It was a rite of passage of sorts. They had reached a level of pen proficiency where they were trusted to use a fountain pen without breaking the nib or spilling ink all over the place.

What’s Your Fountain Pen Journey?

A few people have told of their discovery of fountain pens and why they became interested in them. These kinds of origin stories uncover a person's fascination and help you relive your original excitement and discovery.

Stephen BRE Brown told his origin story in a YouTube video.

Adam from the "Desk of Adam" wrote his fountain pen journey in onetwothree parts. His series, together with Stephen’s video, are what inspired me to write my own journey and begin this project.

Hello Stationery

Stationery, Art Supplies, and Why They’re Cool

This blog is a celebration of the joys of using pens, paper and paints. Now that digital devices and computers are the main method for writing and even drawing, many of us have rediscovered the benefits of stationery and art supplies. Yes, there will be product reviews here, but I also want to go beyond products and investigate why certain analog methods work better for many people. Why do they find the  experience of analog tools more rewarding and fun than writing or drawing on a digital device or computer?

Why do people choose a paper notebook over an app, and why is sticking paper receipts and objects more fun in a paper travel journal than placing digital photos in an app?